Writing Prompts

Below you’ll find a mix of fiction genre starters that can help authors with writers block, give ideas for a new novel or simply let you flex your creative muscle. 



Thriller Prompt

It’s time to put your eight-year-old to bed. As you tuck the child in, you can’t help but notice the fear in his eyes. Concerned, you ask him what’s going on. “He visits me every time I fall asleep. Can you make him stay away?” he whispers. When you probe further about who this man is and what he looks like, your blood turns cold. He sounds exactly like the man from the nightmares that plagued your childhood.



Romance Prompt

They were childhood sweethearts that grew up together and have been inseparable ever since. Now that they have entered the next chapter as adults, their family and friends have urged them to marry. But the night before the wedding, the bride suddenly realizes that she’s no longer in love, at least not with the groom.



Mystery Prompt

Today is your birthday. You wake up ready to celebrate with your family and friends, but things suddenly change when you discover that the year you thought it was passed ten years ago.



Science Fiction Prompt

Your character is a scientist for NASA and is on the edge of developing a cutting-edge breakthrough technology that will allow humans to be transported to space in half the time. The only problem is, the process ages humans twice as fast.



Fantasy Prompt

You wake up one day to discover that you have been transported into your favourite book. However, not everything is as perfect as you had read.




Historical Fiction Prompt

You’ve accidentally travelled back in time, finding yourself standing in the grand entrance of the Queen’s castle in the year 1860. What might you see or hear?



Thriller Prompt

A couple is woken at the witching hour (3 AM) by three forceful bangs at their front door. When they call out to see who’s there, the only response is a demonic snarl coming from outside.



Romance Prompt

It’s the day before their second marriage anniversary. As he’s making plans to celebrate, he gets a call from his doctor with news that will change their lives forever.



Science Fiction Prompt

Space ships are now mass-produced, and nearly everyone has one of the latest models. As new planets are discovered, people begin settling into their new solar systems—but battles for ownership of the best planets are on the rise.



Fantasy Prompt

Your great-great-aunt, Millie, whom you don’t recall ever meeting, has died and left you her ancient typewriter. You’re planning to use it as a doorstop, but after having it for one night, you realize it types out beautiful masterpieces while you sleep.



Open Prompt

Feel free to share some of your own in the comments




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