Immortal Treasures by SJ Turner

A Magical Adventure Filled With Discovery, Determination & A Touch of Romance

Literary Titan Gold Book Award Winner

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Immortal Treasures is a paranormal fantasy novel inspired by the works of Deborah Harkness with her original book from the All Souls Trilogy, The Discovery of Witches and Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic series.

In the enchanting world of ‘Immortal Treasures,’ author SJ Turner weaves a mesmerizing tale that transcends time and defies the boundaries of reality. A story told of when ancient artifacts held unimaginable power. This novel takes readers on an exhilarating adventure through history and myth. From unprecedented castles to the bustling streets of 17th Century London, Olivia Parker embarks on a quest to unlock the secrets behind the rare timekeeper journal.

As she delves deeper into her journey, dark forces emerge, threatening not only Olivia and her family but the fate of humanity itself.




‘But I thought vampires and witches are enemies?’

“Wait.” Olivia’s brows knit tightly together as she contemplates her grandmother’s words. “A vampire helping a witch?”

“Mmhmm. Gran Victoria swears her grandmother Annabel told her all about it, and you don’t get any closer to the source than that.”

“But I thought vampires and witches are enemies?”

“Indeed we are!” Patricia exclaims. “Vampires are the true spawn of Satan. They would love nothing more than to tap into our magic, and by that, I mean drain it straight from our veins,” she says, dramatically slapping her forearm.

A snicker comes from the opposite side of the room, and Olivia cocks her head toward Helen. She may not have a comment, but she clearly finds Patricia’s remark amusing. Shaking her head, Olivia turns her attention back to Clara. “That tale makes no sense, Gran. It must be exactly that – a fable. Why would a vampire save an enemy if not to drain her of her magic?”

Slowly shaking her head, Clara shrugs. “No one truly knows. When I asked my grandmother the same question, she claimed that fate laid down its cards that evening. That eventually, time would reveal the connection.” She takes a deep breath, staring off with a brass timepiece in hand. “As for old Hattox, she didn’t get to tell the whole story to anyone. From what I can gather between old family journals and stories I’ve been told, she met her fate on old Gallows Hill shortly after. But, unfortunately, the story seems to end there with no record of where her body is.”

Immortal Treasures by SJ Turner

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A Vampire!


Halting next to a wall at the far end of the house, Clara looks up at an old black and white photo and taps on the frame. “Aunt Millie, I’m afraid I need to switch your bedtime location for a little while. We have a guest.”

Cassian’s brows raise, his eyes bouncing from Clara to the picture.

“Yes, I’m sane.” Clara smiles over her shoulder. “Well, mostly.”

The woman in the photo turns her head. “The panel is still out on that, Clara dear,” she winks.

“Sorry to disturb you, Aunt Millie. It’s good to hear that smart tongue of yours is still quick as a whip after all these years.”

“Yeah yeah.” The woman’s head in the photograph turns from side to side, peering around the room. “Did you say we have a guest? Who might this guest be?” Stepping aside, Clara fans her hand toward Cassian, and the woman’s eyes widen. “A vampire!” she shrieks. “Since when do we consider a vampire a guest? Have you lost your mind, Clara dear?”

Lifting the photo from the wall, Clara places it on the mantle. “Aunt Millie, this is Cassian Laurent. He’s the son of an original, and his stay here is tied to a timekeeper journal. So I expect you to be nice.”

“A timekeeper journal, you say? Ah, well, that may change things a little, I suppose.” The woman in the portrait shifts her eyes to Cassian, letting a scowl settle on her face. “You can rest assured that we’ll keep our eye on him all the same.”

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Carefully Approaching the Vampire 


Olivia’s pace slows as she nears Cassian, still leaning against the tree at the back of the yard. He shifts his weight, and she stops, a gasp leaving her lips as her heart begins to race. “You don’t have to fear me, Olivia.”

She pulls her bottom lip between her teeth, trying to reel in her anxiety as she steps closer. “I’m not afraid,” she lies. “I just wasn’t sure if I should disturb you.”

Turning, the corner of Cassian’s mouth tightens into a slight smile. At that moment, Olivia can tell her attempt to conceal her panic isn’t working. “You’re not disturbing me,” he says as he advances with slow short strides. “I was merely in need of some air.”

She tilts her head, her lips twisting as she focuses on his heedful movements. “If you’re the predator, why does it look as though you’re the one who is carefully calculating each step as you approach me?”

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Author of the steamy erotic romance series Contracted to Mr. Collins, SJ Turner took a big step out of her comfort zone with the paranormal fantasy Immortal Treasures. Primarily written in fragments, many original pieces never made it into the final storyline. And those that did, required artful blending to create the ultimate tale that hopefully finds its way into many hearts and homes.

SJ’s love for books began the moment she learned to read. By her early teens, she was sneaking her mother’s romance novels into her room and tucking them under her pillow for late-night reading.

While a steamy romance is still her personal favourite, SJ can’t deny a fondness for the many other genres she often enjoys. After all, how could she not indulge in magical fantasies, exhilarating adventures, heart-stopping horrors, and relentless drama?

Among her favourite authors are Deborah Harkness and Sylvia Day.

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